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Influencer marketing agencies: the stairway to professional growth

How working with an agency can help you boost your career as a content creator

Written by: Melanie Schygiel

English version: Tayna Moura

Becoming a professional content creator requires lots of practice, planning, creativity, and determination, plus great investments in production tools to improve content quality. While you can definitely produce amazing content and build your audience by yourself, if you are looking into monetizing your content and taking the leap from being a small content creator to becoming a professional influencer, you’ll need more than your drive and dedication: professional guidance and the right contacts are key.

Being part of an agency’s influencer roster can help you get new deals with content platforms or brands searching for specific profiles to participate in paid campaigns. Here are some points you should consider when affiliating with an influencer marketing agency:

1. Exclusivity: in many cases, agencies require exclusivity from their influencers; in order to participate in campaigns with them, they cannot accept any external deals. But not all agencies have this requirement.

Bandalabs, for example, only requires exclusivity by campaign: if you're participating in a paid program or marketing campaign with the agency, you cannot participate in the same program with a third party — but you are still totally free to accept other projects independently. This increases your possibilities to participate in paid campaigns.

2. Specialized connections: finding brands looking for the perfect fit for their paid campaigns can be tough. Backed up by an agency, you will be considered for a wide range of opportunities and have specialists dealing with all the negotiations and details with the brands. They’ll reach out to you with the right projects according to your profile, content, and audience; all you have to do is create. This way, your chances to be proposed to high-level marketing campaigns are much higher, since big brands usually come to an agency to make their campaigns happen instead of reaching out to influencers directly. Having a good performance in a campaign can guarantee you future proposals from the agency.

3. Less back-and-forth: when agreeing to participate in a marketing campaign, there are many details that should be agreed on. Having an agency take care of everything and present to you all the info you need to start working helps tremendously and avoids a lot of stress.

4. Professional guidance: getting advice from experts who can help you make your content shine is key to achieving good results and distinguishing yourself in your first campaigns. And as we have mentioned before, if you do well at your first campaigns, it is much more likely that you will be one of the firsts to be considered for future projects.

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