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Getting to Know BiliBili

The Not-to-miss Video Social Platform

The youth-oriented video streaming and sharing giant BiliBili is one of the most influential online video social platforms in China. Its defining features and unique community culture differentiate it other counterparts. “Danmu” or so-called “bullet chat” is a form of video commentary used on online videos, appears directly on the video in real-time, and is beloved by Millennials and Gen-Zers.


In China, one out of every two young people is on Bilibili. Young people under 35 years old account for 86% of the platform’s 220 million Monthly Active Users. This audience, with its growing purchasing power, has been a key focus for brands in China. Engagement rates also benefit from this feeling of community: users spend more than 80 min per day on the platform, generating 4.7 billion interactions per month.

2.2 M

Daily Active Users


Daily Active Views

Gen Z

Audience Base

Share your creative ideas on BiliBili and win global audiences.

Partner with Bandalabs on BiliBili

Bandalabs is selected by BiliBili as their influencer marketing partner helping them to find the innovative creators like you. Working as the legal partner, we have access to the most updated information and strategic direction which are not disclosed to individual creators. 

Priority to repost by BiliBili to gain more traffic.

Top-notch Account Management

We help to localize your original content to BiliBili with its own style and develop your fan base without hassle. 

Content Insight

We keep updating with you the latest audience persona and the content suggestions base on your video performance.

Official Verification badge

distinguish yourself from normal creators immediately through partnering with Bandalabs.

Our Talents !

They are already onboard on BiliBili.

TikToker with 469k followers
Creator of BiliBili

james hoffmann.jpeg

James Hoffmann
Youtuber with 990k followers
Creator of BiliBili

30k Followers within 2 weeks!


TikToker with 469k followers
Creator of BiliBili

100k Followers within 90 days!


Hammy and Olivia
TikTok with 410M followers
Creator of BiliBili

Let's Start!

Eligibility Form

  • Your eligibility is evaluated primarily based on your Youtube and TikTok Chanel. 


  • It usually takes 5-7 workdays to get back to you. 


Get Started!

  • Once you are approved by BiliBili, your account manager will contact you for a 1:1 onboard session.

  • Now you are able to post on BiliBili, all you need to do is simply authorize us to use, edit your existing content, and you will start earning!

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